University of Split, UNIST (established in 1974) is a comprehensive scientific and teaching institution, consisting of 11 Faculties, 1 Academy of Arts and 4 Departments. There are around 20,000 students enrolled in its undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programmes.

Competencies and experience relevant to the SEAFENNEL4MED Project: UNIST research team includes the following researchers with a vast experience in research projects funded from different sources (national, EU, bilateral): Food technologists, Food chemists and Biochemists

Role in the project: UNIVERSITY OF SPLIT will be involved in WP1 (all tasks), WP2 (all tasks), WP3, WP5, and WP6 in a supportive role.



Website UNIST: https://www.unist.hr/


  • Prof. Ivana Generalić Mekinić
    Prof. Ivana Generalić Mekinić Assoc. Prof. in Food Chemistry

    Department of Food Technology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Chemistry and Technology University of Split

    Ruđera Boškovića 35, 21000 Split, Croatia
    Phone: +385 21 329 458
    Phone: +385 95 9131939


  • Prof. Ivica Ljubenkov
    Prof. Ivica Ljubenkov Assoc. Prof. in Analytical Chemistry
  • Prof. Vida Šimat
    Prof. Vida Šimat Full. Prof. in Food Safety
  • Prof. Danijela Skroza
    Prof. Danijela Skroza Assoc. Prof. in Food Chemistry
    Ph.D. SANJA RADMAN Researcher in biotechnology
  • Linda Bazina
    Linda Bazina Student, Research Assistant
  • Prof. Olivera Politeo
    Prof. Olivera Politeo Full Prof. in Biochemistry
  • Prof. Ivica Blažević
    Prof. Ivica Blažević full professor in Organic chemistry
  • Prof. Franko Burčul
    Prof. Franko Burčul associate professor in Analytical chemistry
  • Dr. sc. Azra Đulović
    Dr. sc. Azra Đulović postdoctoral researcher