EGE UNIVERSITY (UNIEGE) Researchers from three Faculties (Faculty of Agriculture (founded in 1955), Faculty of Engineering (founded in 1982) and Faculty of Science (founded in 1961)) and five Departments (Department of Agricultural Economics, Department of Field Crops, Department of Food Engineering, Department of Bioengineering, Department of Biology) of the University of Ege will be involved in the project. Each department carries out scientific research and university teaching in their fields. Since its establishment in 1955, Ege University, as Turkey’s fourth, and the region’s first and the oldest university, has adopted the principles of contributing to the scientific world in a universal scale by producing knowledge rich in quantity and quality, educating productive individuals and culturally well-equipped researchers who are conscious about local and global facts, creating a higher added value with its regional strength by prioritising social benefit, transferring the acquired knowledge to society.

Role in the project: UNIEGE will be involved in all WPs of the project. Under WP1, UNIEGE will coordinate the activities to be carried out in Turkey. Under WP2, UNIEGE will participate in the identification of key stakeholders for Turkey and production of the dissemination material, scientific papers for conferences and articles for peer-reviewed journals. Under WP3, the Department of Biology will carry out the sampling and morphological characterization of spontaneously growing sea fennel (A3.1) and chemical and genotype-based analysis of sea fennel aerial parts/seeds (A3.2) in western coastal region of Turkey. Under WP4, the Department of Field Crops will participate in A4.1 and A4.2. In WP5, Department of Food Engineering will take part in A5.1 and A5.2. In WP6, Department of Food Engineering will be participating in activities from A6.1 to A6.4. In WP7, Department of Economics will take part in activities from A7.1 to A7.3. In WP8, the Department of Filed Crops and Department of Economics will participate in A8.1 and the Department of Food Engineering will take part in A8.2 and A8.3.

Competencies and experience relevant to the SEAFENNEL4MED Project: The UNIEGE research team consisting of researchers from various departments includes the following researchers: botanists with considerable experience in plant systematic and ecology and conservation biology; agronomists specialized on agronomy and breeding of medicinal and aromatic plants; food engineers/chemical engineers with expertise on extraction of bioactivities of natural compounds, food processing, biopolymers and nanotechnology; experts in agro-food economy and marketing



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  • Prof. Seher Kumcuoglu
    Prof. Seher Kumcuoglu Associate Professor in Food Engineering
  • Prof. Sebnem Tavman
    Prof. Sebnem Tavman Full Professor in Food Engineering
  • Prof. Çiğdem Sönmez
    Prof. Çiğdem Sönmez Associate Professor in Agronomy
  • Prof. Özgür Tatar
    Prof. Özgür Tatar Associate Professor in Agronomy
  • Duygu Tosun
    Duygu Tosun Research Assistant in Agricultural Economics
  • Prof. Zerrin Kenanoglu
    Prof. Zerrin Kenanoglu Associate Professor in Agricultural Economics
  • Prof. Serdar Gökhan Şenol
    Prof. Serdar Gökhan Şenol Full Professor in Botany
  • Prof. Oguz Bayraktar
    Prof. Oguz Bayraktar Full Professor in Chemical Engineering